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Now that I have graduated, starting off Indie, I made this blog to share media, perspective, free writes, publishing, and craft talks. A star shooting and echoing among the many for a chance at being heard.

As of 2018, I have completed my Bachelors of Arts at MSU-Mankato, with a minor in Psych. Since then I have been learning to research and format, it’s taken priority all semester, but hasn’t stopped me from writing late into the night. Everything from poetry to fiction, to essays, scripts, and even lyrics.

When it comes to bigger projects, I currently have a 4 book outline for a political post apocolyptic fiction series, and a few collections of short stories of varying genre, edited to the bone on paper (in the works). For poetry, I have a collection of 7 poetry journals filled, with two books planned out, one nearly finished, and a haiku collection of 70 college haikus.

I like to view writing as a form of communication, expression, and the metaphorical dissection of the human condition on paper, holding individual pieces of memory and emotion above a table of creative variables. I like to view creative writing as carefully piecing together art and media to provide insight and inspire readers.

-if you find this page, thank you for reading, I’m honored to have you as a reader.

-have a nice night.

Ever since -ever since -ever sin-

ever since re-locking eyes with her,

I’ve been stuck feeling the same,

looking in the mirror not knowing

the name of what I see.

Often most mornings

I wake to wonder,

today of any, I still have plenty,

dare I disturb the universe?

Dare we push through our discourse,

of what means? By what force?

this skeleton is weightless, some vessel on a course. Of course, me, my fangs dripping, feeling!


slowly sipping,

sitting, awaiting the slip of body and mind,

watching everyone and every-thing being slowly fed to time.

Circling around, burning candles down, staying up for days

Circling around, nobody wonders how? Stayed up four days

killing braincells–wow!


ashes!! Life just

falls down!

Not for me

I know this will never be,

but still I wonder some times eyes open -late in the night. If she is out there waiting for me,

face wrapped in golden anxiety, round tears reflecting dawn, built up in the holes of her face, awaiting the pace of a single breath that belongs to me

I know this cannot be, but even so, this is all I have left to say;

Just breathe, and let the days drip from your face, to puddle and return to the earth, if there is any way to give back for what time has been sacrificed, the lust for suffering has been beyond sufficed.

-I need some ice, silence, and stiff drinks,

joints, shrinks, and a long back rub, I just survived a whole night at

fight club. Yet some new light is bringing me back to a reviewed routine. Keeping my heart guarded and my spirit lean.

Our life has become history, if you know what I mean.

Reflections of 8/8/18

I have tried not to be one to vent in detail on social media. Which is why vague posts come by every now and then, since trying to write as much as I can anywhere, at anytime. Anyways, I have to say these past two weeks have held some of the most difficult conversations and conflicts that I haven’t faced any of the sort for some time. Long reflections over this morning finally brought me to a calm sense of collectedness.

Did I act out or snap while dealing some of these issues in the midst of sharp vibes, hell yeah I did, I’m human but I tried to strike (verbally) with portrayed purpose and tried not to harm with blame, and realized that though my words said one thing. My tone was saying the opposite, and I was still a major contributing factor to the conflicts at hand.

While I’m glad that all conflicts have been surpassed in their own ways, I found myself pleasantly discontented with this thing we call a “self”.

So I guess if there is any moral to this post, is if you find yourself coming out of arguments and intense debates with loved ones or family members: you can blame someone for their words/actions all you want, but in the end if you don’t ever for a second revel on your own actions and adapt your behavior to be a better person than you were amidst the conflict; you aren’t learning. You are just waiting to be the same person you would frown at upon remembering.

SO (final so, haha) I’m going to keep trying to criticize myself first over anyone else, because that is the universal responsibility of developing a sharper character.

#improvewiththegroove #blame #relationships #communication

Heartbroken: An S.O.S. To St. Nietzsche

“Help! I’ve fallen -and I can get up.” he said,

“All we need is the warmth. I’m so sorry.”

Yet the night’s clouds never opened to the full moon.

Nor the blazing sun, night never ended, and nothing had begun since he had done

“-what he had done…”

July held harsh rains on its reigns, as if spring would never see summer again, now and then a flash of heat could wake him dizzy,

feeling misplaced by every look

-on every face.

Time un-erased. Never in the beloved’s case.

An eternal ring, and by now when he’d forgive anything to show he’s more than history, more than the fathomed influence of stars.

A painter lost in a desert of deserted cars, ego tripped movie stars and lying leaders demanding faith, while he sits

-in a plagued sky landscape, smog choked and scarred.

Sweet innocent ignorance, communicated clearly through the land of the free, free to worship the imaginary.

Impose their laws as morality, burnt and deranged these ghost followers see -their life as the central reality,

his lungs collapse from the laughter,

“it’s all a fucking joke to me.”